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60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

WWII Lancaster Bomber

Organised by the Royal Air Force Association

WWII Lancaster Bomber

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Shoreham Airport  2nd & 3rd September 2000

WWI Biplane WWI Triplane WWI Triplane WWI Airfield WWI Field Hospital WWI Airfield "We counted them all out, and counted them all in" WWI Biplane Freefall The Famous Lancaster silhouette WWII Spitfire WWII Hurricane Reconnaisance Spitfire Reconnaisance Spitfire WWII Profiles The Most Famous Aicraft in the World Dakota USAF Aicraft The Haunting Harrier In VTOL Mode Hovering Harrier Harassing Harrier Hallowed Harrier The man with the best view High-climbing Harrier Ex Botswanan Air Force Jet Utterly Nutterly "I cant just wing walked" Stomach "Churning" Utterly Butterly Nutterly Acobatic Acrobatic Russian Acobatic Biplane Glider (not affected by fuel crisis) Acobatic Hang Gliders Army Air Corps Parachute Display Team Army Air Corps Parachute Display Team Army Air Corps Parachute Display Team Flying The Flag Army Air Corps Parachute Display Team Autumn Colours Sea King Abseilutely Mad Sea King Army Air Corps - did you know helicopters can fly upside down? Lynx Diplomacy Through Firepower You can hear it long before you see it... Unarmed Combat Display by The Royal Marine Commandos Dont mess with Marine Commandos  The Armed Forces Today The Armed Forces Today We do this for fun..they don't Got to be the best raffle prize ever...1990 XJS (TWR) 5.3 V12 The Most Fantastic Bikes

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