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Monday 2nd October Family Ents presents Breed 77. Hailing from the tiny colonial outpost of Gibraltar, on the southern tip of Spain, Breed 77s unique mix of musical influences and styles,
spanning melodic hard rock to Spanish/flamenco oriented guitar and Moroccan/Northern African rhythms, has already won over tens of thousands of die-hard fans in the UK. 7.30pm. 8 pounds.
 Wednesday 4th October Family Ents present Seth Lakeman. Seth Lakemanfound himself in the centre-stage last year, short-listed for the most sought-after prize in British music,
alongside the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Coldplay. Unlike Coldplay's album however, 'Kitty Jay' was recorded for around Ј300 in the kitchen of his brother's Devon cottage.
Nominated for the Mercury Prize, the panel described his music as 'urgent, thrilling and haunting'. What sets Seth apart from the rest of today'sfolk-inspired materialthough,
is his musical dexterity and youthful energy, and the passion and intensity of his delivery + Carus. 7.30pm. 10 pounds.
Thursday 5th October Lout Promotions present Sikth. Sikth have rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most cutting edge collectives around.
Their unique blend of styles has captivated listeners and audiences since their formation in 2001. With six members in the band, Sikth are on a mission to bring originality and
pride back to heavy music (and they show no fear when it comes to being eccentric…!) + Dead Man In Reno + Architects. 7.30pm. 8.50 pounds.
Friday 6th October Etch with Mr Scruff. From his highly inventive animation to his wildly eclectic DJ sets to his downright funky production work, one thing sticks out about
Mr Scruff, and that's his sense of humor.Scruff (Andy Carthyto his mum, dad, and close mates) did his time as a fine art student at Sheffield University before delving headfirst into the
wibbly world of music. An accomplished DJ since '94, his five/six-hour DJ sets at the likes of Fabric, 333 Old Street, and his own night, Keep It Unreal, have established him as one of the
world's finest freeform spinners. 10pm. 7 pounds members/8 pounds others.
Saturday 7th October
Early show
Metropolis Music presents The Lemonheads. During the early-Noughties punk revival, Evan Dando was playing acoustic music. Now, as nu-folk becomes a lifestyle soundtrack,
he's revived the Lemonheads name and made an album with Bill Stevenson of early '80 punk legends Descendents. They say that Dando hasn't sounded so switched-on in a long time -
The Lemonheads have never sounded so feral yet so tight + Trent. 7pm -10pm. 16.50 pounds.
Followed by
Positive presents Full Moon Party with Lunarcy + Positive Soundsystem. Positive are a collection of DJ's who together own the legendary distinctive white Positive sound system.
Established in 1991, they are one of Brighton's longest serving promoters of underground club nights and parties. After building their ownspeakers among other soundsystem parts,
they had their own formidable rig, originallywhite with purple polka dots,and established their nights- here at Concorde 2 being amongst the most successful in town. 11pm - 5am. 5/7 pounds.
Sunday 8th October C2 and Lout Promotions present Brightona Rocks. A free all-day showcase of the hottest bands in town, to coincide with Brightona Rocks  the big motorbike rally on
Madeira Drive, in aid of the Heart Foundation. Live music from H8ball + Dollar Sent + Groovemonster + Three Mile Island + Serpent Sins + SoulScream. 2pm - 7pm. free!
Monday 9th October C2 & Melting Vinyl present The Rapture. The Rapture are a New York indie rock band, sometimes referred to as The Disco Strokes.Taking us for a sprint
through the best of the 80s, The Rapture sound like nothing else around - with cow bells and saxophones are scattered amongst the noise.They have been compared to bands such
as The Cure, with the vocals sounding somewhat similar, but delivered with somewhat more energy than The Cure could. This is a real dance band, who are destined for the big time
+ The Presets + Holy Hail. 8pm. 12 pounds.  SOLD OUT.
Tuesday 10th October Family Ents present Cerys Matthews. Time was when the public couldn't get enough of Cerys Matthews. The public face of Catatonia, for a time she
was everywhere: on every TV show, in every magazine, all over the front page.For many, Cerys was Catatonia: everything that was unique about them. After their breakup,
Cerys began to take life easier, producing a truly great solo album, and proving that with a angelic voice like hers, Cerys Matthews can carry on making music for as long
as she likes + Alun Tanlan. 7.30pm. 10 pounds.
Wednesday 11th October Lout Promotions present Paolo Nutini. Paolo Nutini is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Paisley. And you should hear the boy sing! Paolo
has an Italian Dad and a Glaswegian Mum - he has the Italian looks and lives for music, singing, songwriting and performing -peopleare blown away by his voice, songs
and performance and Paolo has been tipped as Scotland's (& beyond) hottest talent + Tiny Dancers + support. 7.30pm. 9  pounds. SOLD OUT.
Thursday 12th October Popworld & Curious Generation presents The Music They Should Play On The Radio Tour. Each gig on this tour will include two top bands
from Popworld Promotes plus two bands chosen by Curious Generation from each citys cutting edge music scene, plus guest DJs. Each show will be featured on the newly launched
Popworld Radio, which broadcasts through & via podcasting. Local acts include The Holloways + New Rhodes + Kovak + District
Whats more….this is also John Peel Day!!  7.30pm. 6 pounds adv/9 pounds on door.
Friday 13th October Shogun Audio presents Killa Kela. Killa Kelas skills as a multi-vocalist one-man orchestra have stunned audiences across the globe.
Beatboxing may drift in and out of fashion but for Killa Kela it's always been a way of life. He grew up in a musical house - his father was a drummer and his mother was into Motown and soul,
and afterthe skill went mainstream in the 1980s with Biz Markie and Doug E Fresh amongst those pioneering the craze,Kela remembers how hearing them for the first time aged 13 influenced him.
Recently there's been a revival, and earlier this year Justin Timberlake called on Kela's services. Working with Timberlake and Pharrell Williams has been the highlight of his career so far,
and now Kelas beginning to pick up fame for his outstanding work, he's sure to have many more yet highlights to come… + DJ Friction + Randall (awol set) + Alex Perez. 11pm - 4am. 10 pounds.
Saturday 14th October
Early show
Live Nation presents NME On Tour with Klaxons As one of the most hyped up bands since Arctic Monkeys, and the saviours of a new revolution of musical genres called New Rave,
Klaxons are a slightly unhinged four-piece with a love of shouty indie punk and an obsession with early nineties rave culture. Part Supergrass, part Altern 8, part pilled-up punk pantomime,
Klaxons seem to genuinely be enjoying themselves, and their new found fame. This is reflected by a few lightstick-waggling fans, the odd blast of air horn and the fact that one of the band
members prefers to go by the name of Captain Strobe. From the bass-driven jangle of Gravity's Rainbow to the dance floor squeal and manic electronic thrash of their hugely popular single
Atlantis To Interzone, they manage to prove they are more than a novelty act and that they will be around for a long time yet + Shit Disco Shitdisco mix high caliber performances and
cohesivesongwriting with a rhythm section boasting a feisty drum kit, an incessant hi-hat cymbal and not one but two bass guitars, which meansyou're in store for some arse shaking,
floor stomping fun! + Datarock An electronic/guitar based band in the vain of Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem andLe Tigre but with a revamped electro feel andquirky lyrics, leaving you
enlightened andfeeling re-juvinated + special guest. 7pm - 10.30pm. 7 pounds.  SOLD OUT.  Tune into Totallywired on Juice 107.2 FM on Sunday 8th October to win tickets to this event!
Followed by
Roots Garden 11th Birthday Special featuring The Full & Mighty nations Vibration Soundsystem, with very special guests, sinjays & players. Roots Garden selectors in the bar featuring
Leroy Horns on sax. 11pm  4am. 6 pounds.
Sunday 15th October Family Ents present James Dean Bradfield. He might describe himself as "a little short Welsh Smurf onstage trying to play guitar," but as the smoldering,
guitar-wielding insurrectionary at the vanguard of the Manic Street Preachers invective-spewing assault, James Dean Bradfield is a heart throb to many and a hero to more.
7.30pm. 12.50 pounds.  Limited tickets available via C2 box office only!
Monday 16th October Family Ents present InMe. When InMe burst onto the scene in 2003,they werestronglyrumored to be the 'next big thing'. Since then, the emo rock trio from
Essex have had a rough time when their label collapsed shortly after releasing their fantastic debut album. Their second album though,while being 100% funded by the band, saw them
move back into the limelight and now they look to be back on top. Showing real passion for what they do, and with top class, hard-hitting music, InMe show all the qualities of being a fantastic
rock band for years to come + Brigade + Death For a Day. 7.30pm. 10 pounds.
Tuesday 17th October She Likes Parties presents The Young Knives. From the moment they step on stage, its all-out, discordant, energetic, old-style punk, with screaming vocals
and a healthy sense of humour. The band are spiky live and songs such as Here Comes The Rumor Mill and She's Attracted To combined with the new material from upcoming album ...
Are Dead is proving to be sharp and angular, as well as very, very popular + The Grates. 8pm  11pm. 8  pounds. SOLD OUT.
Wednesday 18th October Live Nation present Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Get Cape Wear Cape Flyare one of the best new bands around at the moment. Doing something a little bit
different to a lot of people around right now, they mix delicate guitar melodies with intelligent lyrics and electronic drum beats. Hailing from Southend, possibly the most unlikely of all rock n roll
launch pads, there is definitely a maturity well beyond their years, which is clear from the very first time you listen to their original and outstanding sound + support. 7pm. 6 pounds.   
Limited tickets available via C2 box office only!
Thursday 19th October Family Ents present Rooster. Welcome back Rooster! While Rooster are marketed as a boy-band with guitars, what lies beneath this facade is a hard, guitar-driven
sound reminiscent of (as some would say) early Bon Jovi. Rooster are an electric live band who show real passion and drive, and manage to convey the energy into fantastic studio work.
Rooster are certainly one of the most underrated bands of the last decade, and their bouncy pop-rock music mixed with Nick Atkinson's throaty rasp anddistinctly heavier, Zepplin-style riffs
is testament to that fact + Get Amped. 7.30pm. 10 pounds.
Friday 20th October
Early show
SJM Concerts present Sandi Thom The first webcast signing in major record label history made her name being the first artist ever to webcast her gigs over the internet.
Instead of driving to gigs up and down the country with her band in her clapped-out car, as she had done for years, the singer from Scotland resolved to try a different approach.
She bought a webcam, and announced a run of 21 shows to be performed on consecutive nights during February and March in the basement of her flat in Tooting, South London.
The first night, 70 people tuned in to watch, the next night it went up to 670. And by the middle of the second week she was performing to a peak audience of 70,000.
What they heard was a singer with a sensational voice - strong and expressive enough to fill the largest theatres, but also warm and soulful enough to win over hearts and minds in the
most intimate of settings + support. 7pm - 10pm. 10 pounds.
Followed by
Insight Dynamics with Dick Trevor. Dance & trance DJ, producer & party goer + Creatrix (Portugal) + in the bar: Acid Disco in association with Brighton Music College.
Funky electro & breaks. Midnight  late. 8 pounds/10 pounds.
Saturday 21st October
Early show
Family Ents present Hardcore Superstar. This Swedish -Rock band formed in Gothenburg in 1997, and have released 3 albums since. The music has taken a step closer
to normal rock-music, from the punk rock that we could hear on their earlier albums. Mix up the Rolling Stones and Motley Crue and this is what you get, along with a big dose of originality.
With very strong vocals (which fit the music perfectly) added to fuzzy guitars, nothing can go wrong for this band! 7pm - 10pm. 8.50 pounds.
followed by
Slackers Convention present Chris Carter (TCR/record Records/Botchit) + Minuit (Live NZ Breaks band) + Mr Sushi (Botchit Breaks) + Dirtpop (Slackers) + Medtronix (Slackers)
+ The Slackers Convention Residents. Widescreen visuals from VJ Spank plus loads loads more tbc. Expect breaks beats and party vibes for the discerning underachiever!
11.30pm  late. 6.50 pounds in adv/8 pounds nus/10 pounds on door.

Monday 23rd October
Musica presents An Evening with Soundatlas. Soundatlas hail from Brighton where they formed while still at school in 2004. This young 5 piece have an
impressive resume of sell out shows here at Concorde and the Pressure Point. Luke Smith of Southern Fm said they were the ...undiscovered gem of Brighton's burgeoning music scene.
Twice winners of Yamaha MIBI awards, their mature and confident song writing explores the neurosis of modern love. In the majestic sweep of Elbow and commercial appeal of The Killers,
Soundatlas have created a sound scope that has all the hallmarks of a major act in the making + Puscha + Dead! Dead! Dead! + Turncoat + Daze One. 7pm  - 11pm. 5 pounds in adv.
Tuesday 24th October Live Nation presents Rye Coalition. Rye Coalition's fattened-up AC/DC-sleaze schtick has been the same since the beginning, but it's taken Dave Grohl, to get their mojo flowing.
Grohl's influences on the band are undeniable: Rye Coalition formed just as music circles were experiencing Nirvana-rama, they started recording albums alongside Foo Fighters'.
They signed to the major leagues when Queens of the Stone Age broke out with riff-heavy demolition rock & now they belong! + The Bellrays. 7pm. 10 pounds.
Wednesday 25th October Revolution Rock presents Anti Nowhere League. This show is now cancelled.   Refunds are available from point of purchase. 
Thursday 26th October Lout Promotions present The Long Blondes. The Long Blondes came together through a series of chance encounters. Kate (lips), Dorian (licks),
Reenie (hips), Screech (sticks) and Emma (high kicks) bumped into each other at public library counters, charity shop sale rails and the dance floors of DIY club nights.
It was deliciously inevitable that this lot would get together and form a band. The Long Blondes are the part of the next chapter of Sheffields idiosyncratic musical heritage: the suburban
disco fantasies of the Human League, the opulent ridiculousness of ABC, the seedy glamour of Pulp. 7.30pm. 7 pounds.
Friday 27th October
Early show
She Likes Parties presents Bonobo full 6 piece band. Bonobo - aka Simon Green - the monkey-mixologist DJ has discarded the decks in favor of a more organic approach to making music.
The Bonobo band is part of a larger trend that has seen DJs and producers known for their work behind turntables and mixing boards reinvent and reinterpret their works in a live band setting.
Assuming bass and electric guitar duties himself, Green's huge ensemble also includes an e-cello, keyboards, electronics, percussion and a soprano saxophone, all with a definite synergy amongst them.
Easily and instantly you fall into the groove the band lay down - the Bonobo band are one of those rare acts at the new groove that will satisfy the serious jazzbos in the crowd, along with the hip-hop set
+ special guests. 7pm - 10pm. 7 pounds.
Followed by
Supercharged Special with Scratch Perverts. Scratch Perverts - a name that has become synonymous with hip hop and battle DJing ever since their formation in 1996.
Their reputation as one of the worlds most progressive DJ collectives is unparalleled; having won all their is to offer in the competition circuit, the Perverts began to enter the next stage of their
development as recording artists. Since their formation in 1996, the Scratch Perverts have contributed countless techniques and pioneered radical innovations - developing the musical
language of the turntable, drawing upon influences as varied as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Aphex Twin and making them one the most innovative dance acts of their time
+ Black Grass + JFB. 11pm - 3.30am. 10 pounds.
 Saturday 28th October
Early show
Live Nation presents Hundred Reasons. This show is postponed until 15th January 2007, due the lead singers ill health.  Original tickets remain valid.  Apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Followed by
Devotion with Shy FX Shy FX is the man responsible forsome of the noisiest, beefiest, rawest, energetic jumped-up jungle epics of the last few years.
Starting out making pure ragga jungle at it's finest, his underground roots and music have grown and developed out of all recognition, and his bouncy music is now highly regarded
amongst his musical peers and any true junglist! + Bryan G + Phantasy + MC Skibadee + MC Fun. 11pm - 4am. 10 pounds.
 Tuesday 31st October American Headcharge. Halloween show! Born out of a chance meeting between Cameron&7 Chad Banks in rehab, Minneapolis-based industrial metal collective
American Headcharge match their brutally executed music with their behavior. AHC formed in the late 1990s and released the critically acclaimed album War of Art (produced by Rick Rubin) in 2001.
This was quickly followed up by a coveted spot on 2002s Ozzfest alongside the likes of Fear Factory, Kittie, Slayer and the Pledge of Allegiance tour with Slipknot and System of a Down.
A 2 year hiatus saw the band return in 2005 with The Feeding and tours with the likes of Mudvayne and Static X. The tragic loss of guitarist Bryan Ottoson in that year hasnt stopped the band
from continuing its punishing tour schedule. American Head Charge are currently in production for the follow up to the Feeding + Panic Cell Panic Cell have toured with the likes of US Billboard No.1
artists Disturbed and Staind, Soil and Mudvayne; not to mention playing major UK/European festivals Download, Bloodstock and the legendary Waken which saw them perform alongside top metal acts
Machine Head, Slayer, Slipknot and many more...An impressive resume for the UK rock/metal act who are currently in production for the follow up to their debut album Bitter Part of Me.
The new album is set to be released in early 2007 + Twin Method. Twin Method from Liverpool have just returned from the U.S after touring with Drowning Pool. Their album,
The Volume of Self is now available through Crash Distribution. 7.30pm. 12 pounds.




 Wednesday 1st November HAGP present Bring Me The Horizon.  Bring Me The Horizon are a razor edged UK Metal group who have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Metal and Hardcore including KillSwitch Engage and Bleeding Through. Though they do come across as slightly a sum of their influences, BMTH definitely have something about them; there's something very promising beneath the posturing and youthful exuberance. With guitars ripping and shredding their way through a series of vicious guitar lines, the frontman's full sleeve of tatts, his lip-piercings, his screams and growls and beyond any superficial exterior, BMTH make one hell of a racket and have the crowd in the palm of their hands. Bring Me The Horizon's charm may lie in the fact that they are the same as their fans, the same people as the people who go to see them live, buy their CDs and tshirts. They are living the dream of their peers, and having earned their respect, this can only set them in good stead for the future + guests.  7.30pm.  £7.50.


 Thursday 2nd November She Likes Parties presents The Maccabees.  With a Lamacq endorsement ringing in their ears, Brighton five piece The Maccabees waste no time in setting their stall as a band to watch for in 2006. Drawing upon influences from The Clash to Gang of Four, they're a gloriously contemporary mish mash of subtly dark new wave rock. It's vigorous, immediate, and instantly likeable.  They combine dramatically danceable numbers, with all looming bass and barked vocals with elasticised, angled guitar sounds unearthing a penchant for the vocal variety that has been The Futureheads trademark. Behind the upbeat energy of the music, there's intelligence to what they're saying.  Set to be rather big in no time at all + Jack Penate.  8pm – 11pm.  £6.50.



Friday 3rd November Etch with Mr Scruff.  A welcome monthly return for Scruff, our tea drinking DJ hero!  Scruff brings his hippity –hop, jazzy reggae vibes to another batch of excited clubbers packing out our lovely venue. No doubt drinking tea pots full of his favorite beverage, Scruff will bring a wildly eclectic DJ set which will leave us all craving next months set.  We hear that chocolate digestives don’t go a miss…..10pm.  £7/8.


 Saturday 4th November

Early show

Family Ents presents Vader featuring illdisposed.  Vader is one of the most famous death metal bands in Europe who formed in 1986.  Vader plays a style of death metal different from that of their American counterparts, but their approach is nonetheless firmly based upon the template created by Slayer. For example, many bands of this genre tend to play guitar solos and lead parts which do not adhere strictly to traditional musical principles (such as being in key) and are filled with tremolo-bar abuse, creating a rather dissonant sound. Vader, on the other hand, whilst often playing in this style, occasionally diverge and play diminished, augmented, and even minor scale solos. Vader is also different in that vocalist Piotr Wiwczarek's vocals do not follow the standard sound widely considered acceptable for death metal. While his vocal approach remains extreme, it is a much more throaty approach, with far more personality, giving him the ability to sound out words far more clearly than most death metal bands + God Dethroned + Inactive Messiah + Severe Torture.  7pm – 11pm.  £12.

Followed by

Ape-X Trailer Trash Special.  Billy Bob! Nancy Sue! C'mon out and git yer cheapest trashy clothes on for a rootin’ tootin’ night of techno, electro, breaks and acid, yee-haw!  In the main room: Ben Long (Space DJz) + Ki (live PA)+ Castrillon + Jude & in the bar:  Leonard & Bubba’s Delicious Goo Goo Cluster (4 Piece Country Trash band with dirty dancing girls - yeeehaw!) + Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel and his Battlin' Banjo + DirtyHertz + Alabama Man + Hoffmonster + Gramps +  Midnight – late.  £5 advance/£8 on the door.

 Sunday 5th November Lout Promotions presents The Gossip.  The first thing that strikes you is the rhythm. The Gossip have been making punks dance since they debuted 5 years ago, long before dance punk existed. Soulful and jagged, you can hear everything from Dischord to Motown in Braces playing. Now, with the addition of new drummer Hannah Billie (Shoplifting, ex-Chromatics) they have a new thundering beat for the kids to dance to on the street and in the clubs. The next thing that smacks you is Beth’s voice, all the guttural blues of the South is in that inimitable instrument. It resonates with the confidence that is in her lyrics - asking people to hold on just a little bit longer, re-assuring the youth that there are others out there, and spitting in the face of all who say otherwise! This is the sound of a band destroying and surpassing all expectations placed on them + guests. 7.30pm.  £9.


 Monday 6th November Melting Vinyl & C2 present Metric.  Metric are the latest , and possibly the greatest in a long line of Canadian bands like The Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene that have reintroduced the world to the beauty of melodic guitar rock. Like their Canuck contemporaries, Metric take rock 'n' roll to a smarter, more sophisticated place than do most of today's American bands. They take a stylish approach to punk rock, mixing its raucous melodies with ambient sounds and slow, ghostly pauses, which all contribute to a fantastic live show with great atmosphere and leave them looking destined for the big time + Blood Red Shoes.  Blood Red Shoes are one clean-shaven boy and one indie temptress girl straight out of Brighton , who have both wanted to be in bands since they were kids. After recent hits (played by the likes of Steve Lamacq and MTV2) their piercing guitars, snapping drums and duel shrieking look to see them gaining huge popularity very soon.  8pm.  £9.50.


Tuesday 7th November

Let’s be perfectly clear boys & girls, we can’t tell you who’s playing!

Family Ents present Jarvis Cocker.  As the eccentric lead singer of the massive early 90's revolutionary band Pulp, Jarvis Cocker now looks to launch his solo career. After forming Pulp when he was just 15, and after suffering various line up changes, Pulp hit it big in the early 90's with the albums 'His 'n' Hers' and 'Different Class', and THE classic single of the 90's brit-pop scene, 'Common People'. Jarvis Cocker's most famous stunt occurred at the 1996 Brit Awards, when he and Peter Mansell invaded the stage in protest to Michael Jackson performing the Earth Song dressed as Jesus Christ. Now though, Jarvis is most remembered for mixing indie rock and disco, with his cheap synthesizers and sweeping melodies, and for making many of the greatest brit-pop anthems ever.  7.30pm.  £12.


 Wednesday 8th November Metropolis presents The Paddingtons.  A thrilling five-piece rock explosion from Hull, these baby-faced speed freaks hit out their pop-punk explosion with extreme urgency, strong feedback and high level danger-abuse of guitar, leaving you with ringing ears and desperately wanting more + The Rocks.  7.30pm.  £10.


 Friday 10th November

Early show

Family Entertai nme nts present Selecter.  The Selecter formed in 1979 spearheading the 2-tone movement alongside the Specials & enjoying chart successes before splitting up in 1982. After reforming in 1991 to do a one-off special comeback tour, the reception of the band was so good they decided to stick together and have released 8 studio albums since. With lead singer Pauline Black's voice being the best ever to grace a 2-tone release, her voice reached plateaus that made every other musical detail sound like part of a backdrop painted just to set the stage for her entrance. While The Specials were content to merely jazz up old ska standard s, and Madness pleased themselves by playing up the zany angle, The Selecter shuttled through their songs like a band of ska revisionists, with Black rewriting songs with her voice and leaving her signature in every piercing note. Even if The Specials outsold them, and Madness outlasted them, The Selecter were arguably the best that 2-Tone had to offer! + The King Blues.  7pm – 10.30pm.  £10.

Followed by 

Universal Hardcore with DJs Hixxy Hixxy is from Portsmouth , UK and his DJ roots can be found with an obsession for US hip hop and rap. In 1992 he met DJ Dougal at Dreamscape and a legendry partnership was born, soon they created their own label... Essential Platinum - which has over 100 releases has been voted top hardcore label many times over the years + Dougal DJ Dougal has been one of the worlds leading hardcore DJ's and producers for the last decade and has been voted the number one hardcore DJ by MTV and Dreamscape. DJ Dougal's style is a mixture of euphoric hardcore with uplifting vocals along with a deep experimental edge + Seduction + MC Storm + guests.  11pm – 4am.  £7.50 in adv.


 Saturday 11th November

Early show
Family Ents present Cradle Of Filth Exclusive European tour warm up show!  Cradle of Filth are one the most famous goth-tinged, accessible black metal artists the world has ever seen. With their immense stage presence, it is often thought that it's just their awesome live shows which keep them going - but underneath the grand spectacle they present there are well thought out songs that mix groove and aggression as well as theatrics. Dani Filth's voice is at the heart of the band, always layered with effects, playing in a grating upper register most of the time, and occasionally dipping into the depths conjured by the back of his throat. Mixed with the melodic keyboards they've become famous for, Cradle of Filth are easily one of the best black-metal bands ever.  7pm – 10pm.  £13.
Followed by

Roots Garden Reggae & Dub special Roots Garden crew is a sound system stylee, playing a full heavyweight rig and featuring one of the UKs most popular roots and culture singers Kenny Knots on the mic, Leroy Horns on sax and Albert on Harmonica.  In the bar:  Brixton’s number one rub a dub soundsystem, RDK hi fi featuring Markie Lyrics, Knatty P and all the Good Foot crew playing exclusive dubs from his universal roots stables.  11pm – late.  £6 all night.       



 Monday 13th November My Club in association with Guitar Tek & Soundlocker Studios present the best of new local music featuring The Stirring classic rock band from down under, now based in Brighton + Subsource break beat electro rock band + Alex Gigante Cat Stevens meets Guns n Roses! Hosted by Girl on Girl DJs.  If your band has what it takes to play a My Space event, pls email your My Space link to  8pm – 11pm.  14+ welcome.  £free!



Tuesday 14th November Metropolis Music presents Mika.  Mika is a true young internationalist. Born in Beirut in the middle of the ‘80s, Mika’s family soon found themselves having to move to Paris at the height of the war. When his father was subsequently taken hostage and held at the American embassy in Kuwait the family eventually settled in London . An inevitably turbulent experience for our young hero, he found himself bereft, lost in the chasm of a displaced upbringing. “It was the combination of moving as well as a horrible time I had at school in the first few years of living in London that lead me to forget how to read and write, and stop talking for a little while.  I was pulled out of school for over six months; in order to sort myself out and find a new school.  This is when music really became important. It got me back on my feet.” He says now that by the age of 9, he knew that songwriting was his destiny. The electric performances that would win over some of the most hardened musical ears on the planet would come later…. For the last 12 years of his life Mika has followed his maxim of a parallel universe to its natural conclusion and is now about to present his dynamic, idiosyncratic and unashamedly personal debut album. Brimming with brightly-hued melody, engaging hooks and a distinct lyrical style that speaks exactly and distinctly of its moment, he has finally been given an outlet for his unique vision.  7.30pm.  £8. 

 Thursday 16th November Rock Revolution present Bootleg Blondie  Lead vocalist Debbie Harris (!) has the looks, the voice and the attitude of the original Atomic Girl Debbie Harry. Typically outrageous on stage, Debbie has been known to wear dustbin liners, & t-shirts with more holes than t-shirt! Bootleg Blondie play a 2 set, multi costume change show with all the hits from Heart of Glass, Denis, Presence Dear, Union City Blue, Hanging on the Telephone, Call Me, Rapture Telephone, Atomic, Maria, Dreaming, etc... + Silvermaker + Resolute.  7.30pm.  £10.



 Friday 17th November 

Early show
Melting Vinyl & C2 present Art Brut   They're an eccentric, motley bunch who are often compared to the likes of Pulp, Half Man Half Biscuit and The Fall. Lead vocalist Eddie Argos, between his high profile arguments with Bloc Party lead singer Kele Okereke, doesn't play an instrument, but his on stage antics and sense of humour make for entertaining viewing. Art Brut rely on an arsenal of rocker's rockers - impeccably-executed mid-tempo formulas. But Argos ' lyrics add wicked zest and, as sloppy rock'n'roll goes, the players behind him are tight like a cramp! + support.  7pm – 9.30pm.  £9.

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Insight Dynamics present Eatstatic live.  A splinter group from Ozric Tentacles (consisting essentially of the rhythm section), Eat Static specialises in an up-tempo, spacey trance-techno, with some Eastern elements. They gained a huge following thanks to the MegaDog circuit, where they have played numerous live gigs, which saw Eat Static explore the realms of harder trance and drum and bass + Disk Eyes + Bez & more to be announced.  Midnight –  late.  £10.


 Saturday 18th November Rigged Up - Not your average club night !!  Extra rude as you like sound system.  Multi Coloured Laser show.  D’n’B, tekno, breaks, beats, jungle, hardtek, ska, punk, batty bass & disco.  Sound delight, décor and DJ’s from Havok, system outlaw, Gramps Hi-Fi, Quantek, Irritant, Shin Dig, Black Box, So Squalid Crew & Tramps with Amps (T.W.A).  11pm – late.  £5 before midnight/£7 after.


 Sunday 19th November Brighton Ska Festival 4 with Los Albertos Eclectic Ska Madness + The Riffs Top Ska band + The Big Essex based live ska act + The Meow Meows Dual female vocal pop ska types (ex Ska Gal, MDS, Out Of Luck) + The Lock Up Ska with bits of ragga & oddness + 2nd Time Lucky Female fronted 2 tone style ska from Brighton! + Mash Ska punk from Horsham + Invisible Jim Ska punk quintet from Redhill.  3pm – 10.30pm.  £8.50.


 Monday 20th November SJM Concerts present The Bees. The Bees started their career in 2002, with the critically acclaimed Mercury Prize nominated debut album Sunshine Hit Me. The six funksters hailing from the Isle of Wight - who make up The Bees - have since recorded their new material varying from upbeat, summery funk grooves to rockin' guitars, stripped down 60's mod-feel drums and epic knee trembling organ arrangements. Their extremely varied musical tastes lead to an extremely varied, versatile live show, mixing an innumerable number of musical tastes such as Latin and Caribbean, and helping to create an atmosphere which contributes to smiles and dancing all around! + special guests.  8pm.  £11.


 Tuesday 21st November Metropolis Music presents Ben Kweller.  Hailing from Brooklyn , Ben Kweller's music is immediate and irresistible, capturing the ever-exciting sound of a prodigiously talented singer/songwriter - live and direct at the peak of his powers. He has the ability to mix a glam-tastic rock 'n' roll and anti-folk balladry crisscross into elegiac anthems and melodic piano pop, while other songs see Kweller and his combo kicking out a bracingly fuzzed-up clatter akin to "the sound of four guys standing around a drum kit, practicing in the garage."  7.30pm.  £11.50.


 Thursday 23rd November Family Ents present Terror (Trustkill).  Terror have cemented their status in great stone letters as guardians of old school hardcore ethics while winning the pit fervor of the new generation of metal and hardcore fans. Ignoring current musical trends, the L.A. based band have stuck to their guns (& guitars) playing no frills, breakneck hardcore. Ragged metal-tinged guitars, rapid fire drum lines, slithering bass lines and trademark double-fisted vocal attacks are trademarks of their sound, and after huge success and critical acclaim in the US, they look set to be huge in the UK.  7.30pm.  £10.



Friday 24th November Vice Kills Brighton .  Vice Magazine take over the venue, bringing down their favorite bands and DJs for a night of loud music and dancing. Check for more info.



 Saturday 25th November
Early show
HAGP promotions present Smalltown Records Tour featuring PenKnifeLoveLife.  PenKnifeLoveLife are an emotionally charged five piece hardcore band from Leeds, with two headline UK tours under their belt. Their thrilling live act is a furious combination of screams, growls and heavy guitar + Flood Of Red + Angels Cry + guests.  6.30pm – 10pm.  £6.
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Devotion with Andy C  Andy C is a British DJ and producer and co-founder of record label RAM Records. A pioneering drum and bass DJ - since the genre's emergence in the early '90s he has consistently been voted the world's greatest drum and bass DJ. He specialises in fast mixing, often employing three turntables, and is known for mixing established classics with cutting edge releases + Ed Rush + Optical + Top Cat + MC Wrec. 11 - 4am.  £10.


 Sunday 26th November Gilded Palace Of Sin presents The Sadies.  The Sadies make a country/rock/folk sound that is as unique as it is powerful, and having grown up in a musical family (their dad and two uncles are The Good Brothers - the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.) Their sound is deeply into instrumental composition and performance that leans convincingly into rock, surf, country, psychedelic and even bluegrass. With an electric live show that sounds like they've just played you every song they've ever written with barely a pause for breath, they will leave you utterly exhausted and still wanting more + Charlemagne.  Charlemagne are from Wisconsin & are fronted by Carl John s. John s is also the leader and songwriter of psychedelic country-rock band Noah John . With Noah John on hiatus, John s continues to assert his prolific musical creativity with the freedom provided by Charlemagne. For the most part, Charlemagne are a pop act, sometimes borrowing elements of upbeat folk, roots-rock and psychedelia.  7.30pm.  £10.



Monday 27th November Family Ents present Brian Jonestown MassacreSince 1991 The Brian Jonestown Massacre have been making some of the most stunning music ever heard. From their drone-guitar intensity to country psychedelia, it is no suprise that their seven albums have made them heroes to a growing cult around the world. BJM has spawned or influenced many of the most interesting new bands of the past decade, from The Warlocks to The Dandy Warhols. They continue making some of the most retro-psychedelic songs to be found, and touring to a growing audience around America and the rest of the world.  7.30pm.  £11.


 Wednesday 29th November Lout Promotions present Brian Auger.  Brian Auger inhabits a unique position within British music. Essentially a highly regarded and talented modern jazz musician, he migrated to America where he felt his wide-ranging approach would be better understood and appreciated. Straddling jazz, rhythm & blues, folk, gospel and pop with great aplomb - it may have confused the less open-minded of the time, and may still be causing some confusion all these years later!  Brian's stated intention had always been to overlay soul and funk rhythms with jazz harmonies and solos - a very individual approach. A dose of musical free thinking!  + guests.  8pm.  £10.




 Thursday 30th November Family Ents presents Captain.  Captain definitely know how to write really great melodies, and wrap them up in arrangements that, although relatively simple, positively glint in the light. Hailing from Cambridge , these guys are experts at writing great, sweet songs together, with vocal ranges that make you feel warm inside. Captain have captured an atmosphere from the ‘80s and transposed it into their own songwriting and production - with all-important synthesized riffs steeped in a dusty eighties feel. This is wonderful, harmonic lush pop music at its best.  7.30pm.   £8.

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